I am Sophie Minchilli, half American, half Italian, born and raised in Rome. I have lived here all my life until I decided to move to London for university. I loved my time there, and over the course of three years, I realized that food would play a big role in whatever I did. I waitressed, I catered, I even worked in a pub. I interned for a well-known food writer and helped to launch an Egyptian street food restaurant. All the while I was studying and finished my degree in communications. But even there I managed to work food, and Italy, into my thesis subject: The Image of Food in Italian Cinema

I finally realized that even though my body was in the UK, my heart and soul were in Italy. I think that even though Italy is a country with many challenges, once you experience the Italian lifestyle, it’s hard to adapt to anything else.

So I moved back to Rome and decided to completely dedicate my life to food, in any way possible. I started working in restaurants, I interned for a restaurant consulting firm, translated for cooking classes, photographed food, and lead food tours for my mom (who happens to be a notable food blogger)

I am truly in love with my country and its people, and my goal with this site is to show you Italy (and Rome in particular) through my eyes and my photography. Even though more and more are disappearing, I will try and capture the small artisans working hard to persevere, grandparents who still cook their old recipes, farmers struggling to survive with the rise of supermarkets, restaurant owners, as well as just everyday Italians.

I will be giving you a little glimpse into the streets, homes, and life of Italy, I hope you enjoy!